International exchange office holds a summer course presentation of the European Institute of Innovation

Release time:2019-11-26 15:38:15

On the afternoon of November 13, the international exchange office of Gengdan Institute organized a lecture on the summer course of the European Innovation Institute (EIA). Shan Wenbo who is the leader of International Business School introduced the institution of EIA and invited two students who had participated in the project – Liu Zhenzhen and Li Yitong , who are majoring in international economics and trade, to share their experience.


Miss Shan first introduced the basic information and the influence of the European Institute of innovation (EIA). Shan said that every year, EIA summer programs invite industry experts to share knowledge and experience, and set up rich courses and activities to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of participants and put their ideas into practice. For students, it is a valuable learning opportunity. Later, two students who have participated in the project shared their experiences and gains. Liu Zhenzhen introduced her study experience in the project, local living environment, consumption level, local tourism, etc The project required participants to cooperate with students from different countries to complete different task. This process can improve oral English and practice social skills. At the same time, Chinese students can feel the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures and build up an international perspective. Li Yitong talked about the courses to be learned in the project and also shared some interesting experiences. She said, "The university provides us with rich channels and opportunities to go out and communicate. We should seize the opportunities during the university period, go out more, expand our horizons, make full use of high-quality educational resources, make more friends from foreign countries, and improve our language ability and independent to lay the foundation for further study as well.".


At the end of the lecture, Shan gave detailed answers to the application requirements, selection steps, time arrangement, various expenses and other information. Students take the initiative to communicate with teachers, senior students to learn more about the project This seminar provided effective guidance for students to participate in short-term projects abroad, stimulated their enthusiasm for exchange and study abroad, and encouraged students to set up goals for their future development.



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