Gengdan students attended online courses of foreign universities

Release time:2021-3-23 19:35:53

Gengdan students attended online courses of foreign universities



During the winter holiday, 8 students from different grades and majors participated in online courses organized by Cambridge University, Sydney University of Australia, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and other world famous Universities. The courses generally lasted 4-6 weeks. The main subjects were: Business communication and leadership, psychology, art design and creation, business and finance, etc.


Through this online learning method, students meet online with college students from different countries. At the same time, they grow up with young friends from different colleges and universities. More importantly, they greatly improve their ability of language and their mode of thinking through use it.



At the end of the course, the students who took part in the online course successfully obtained the course study certificate, and the excellent students also obtained the letter of recommendation signed by the professor. All the students gave positive feedback and evaluation of online courses.