Macau University of Science and Technology semester exchange is ongoing

Release time:2021-3-31 15:31:56

This semester, 6 students from our university went to Macao University of Science and Technology for a semester exchange. Let's have a look at their thoughts after exchanging ideas for more than a month.

Wang Mingquan


SchoolGengdan Academy of Design

MajorEnvironmental Design (International Class)

Communication major: Interior Design

I have the honor to study in Macau University of Science and Technology this semester. First of all, I would like to thank our university for providing me this opportunity of exchange and the advice given by the teachers of International Office. I am honored to attend this exchange course. Half a month has passed, from the beginning to now have been gradually adapted to study and life. 

At the beginning of the semester, the student ambassador of USTC gave us the campus handbook to understand the general situation of the school and the teaching setup. The teacher also explained the course detailed in the first class. There was a lot of communication between teachers and students. The teaching methods and design concepts here are different from those in mainland China, and it takes time to adapt and adjust during the exchange and learning process.

At the beginning of the course, the teacher asked us to carry out a lot of research and analysis, and taught us to obtain valuable information through many different websites and other different channels. In particular, he asked us to study the papers in recent years, which would be of great help to our later work. There are not many courses here compared with the mainland, so students have a lot of time to study independently, but at the same time, it is also a great test of their self-control.

The students here were very enthusiastic and answered a lot of questions for us. They also introduced some scenic spots around the University. We have already gone to the Grand Sanba Memorial Arch and the Black Beach, and we also went to the Venetian for several times to investigate it, because it was also part of our homework.

In the past few weeks of study and life, I have experienced the teaching mode of Macao. The harvest of exchange and learning is not only what I have learned in school, but also include the local culture of Macao. I will cherish this exchange and learning experience more in the remaining months of study.